Noah's Ark

Believe it or not, a large man-made structure has definitely been located (but not yet excavated or explored) at 4500 meters under ice at approximately 39° 43.071' North, 44° 17.590' East.   It lies along a lengthwise bearing of about 70.7° (approx NE) and is about 1.83 km (1.13 miles) distant at a bearing of about 346° from the peak of Mt. Ararat (39°42’07” North, 44°17’53” East, elevation 5132 meters or 16837 feet), in eastern Turkey.

Read the .pdf article concerning Project von Bora to see satellite photos taken in 1973, 2000, and 2003.

Skeptics who may tend to dismiss the image on page 14 as a hoax may order their own copy from Spot Image. Request 5m-resolution BW, Acquisition date/time 2003-08-11, 08:01:37, ID Number 51332700308110801371A.