Pointe Group

Welcome to the Pointe Group Home Page.  For future reference, please download one or both of the following:

    Pointe Group Training Manual (includes Financial Policies)  
    Pointe Group Financial Policies

The Pointe Group is an informal group of investors, bankers, collectors, and funders from all over the globe who buy currency and precious metals in large volumes.  Pointe Group members prefer to remain anonymous, but this web portal serves as your point of contact.

Currently, the Pointe Group is buying gold, platinum, Philippine Victory Notes (PVN), "Wells Fargo" Series 1934 US Dollars, and Iraqi Dinars.  See the drop-down menu under "Pointe Group" at right.

If you own or represent any of the above, please register through the Broker Registration page.

The Pointe Group does not buy any of the following:

Ang Bagong Lipunan (ABL) Series Notes, Federal Reserve Bonds (FRB), Blue Book, JP Morgan, $5000 US money, $10000 US money, $100000 US Money, Treaty of Versailles (TOV) boxes, TOV miniboxes, Cruzen, American Dream, European Dream, 1000000 Euros, Bank Certificates, ABL Certificates, PVN Certificates, Truman PVN, Unopened Wells Fargo Safes, Turkish Lira, Peruvian Intis, Yugoslav Dinars, Thomas Cook Traveller's Cheques, BSP Certificates of Gold Bullion Depository Stocks and Safekeeping Receipts, “Ang Bagong Lipunan” Gold Memorandum Receipts, “Good” London Delivery, Certificates of Deposit, Treasury Certificates, Bank of England Certificates, Gold Bullion Certificates, Certificates of Gold Ownership, Warehouse Certificates, Gold Deposit Certificates, Trust Account Deposits, Land Bank Capital Bonds with Interim Certificates.