Salvation Explained
Just the basics of what salvation is all about.

Noah's Ark Located?
A very large man-made object has been located under ice upon a mountain in Turkey alluded to in the Genesis account.  It has not yet been excavated, but what purpose could it possibly serve if it is not the Biblical Ark?  Whatever it is, at approximately 35% of the size of the Great Pyramid, this will undoubdtedly be called one of the greatest archaeological discoveries of all time.

The Gospel Colophons: Synoptic Problem Theory Refuted
By Dr. Floyd Nolen Jones, ThD., PhD.  Matthew was written in 38 AD, not 50 AD as your pastor probably believes. Mark was written in 40 AD, not 68 AD. Luke was written in 45 AD, not 60 AD. John was written in 62 AD, not 90-95 AD. All four Gospels are eyewitness accounts, not plagiarisms. Enough silliness already!

TULIP Theology (Five-Point Calvinism) Refuted
By Dr. Floyd Nolen Jones, ThD., PhD.  In spite of volumes written on the subject, this is a concise 4-page study of what the Bible really teaches concerning our salvation and the character of God as our loving Father.

A Critical Look at Blood Moon Tetrads
Using real, unaltered, unfudged data from NASA, we can clearly see that the popularly-alleged signs to the Jewish people are largely postulated out of thin air and fail verification. Of the five touted eclipses from 2014-2015, none actually occur on any Jewish feast day and only one of them is visible from Israel.

September 23, 2017
Is September 23, 2017, a special day to await? Or will it come and go without notice?

Chart of the Great Tribulation
Everybody has an opinion on how the days are foretold to unfold in the near future. Here's mine.

A Post-trib Response to John Walvoord’s "Fifty Arguments for Pretribulationism"
John Walvoord (1910-2002) was certainly a great man of God, however his pre-trib rapture arguments are critically examined here.

The Post-Tribulation Resurrection-Rapture
With all the talk of being "left behind", we need to fully discern what the Bible actually teaches on the subject of the Rapture.  This paper supports the Post-tribulation Rapture viewpoint in a way that any serious student should be able to prayerfully follow.

A Simple Proof of the Post-Tribulation Rapture
A one-page six-point study that shows the post-trib viewpoint in the verses which actually mention the Resurrection and the Rapture, exactly when they happen, and exactly who is included in each.

The Birth and Crucifixion of Jesus in View of the 70 Weeks of Daniel
The latest astronomical data from NASA with a fresh look at Scripture and parallel historical accounts reveal an interesting scenario.  Did you know that the prophet Daniel foretold the exact month and year that Messiah would be slain?

Harmony of the Gospels
As a study aid, all 3779 verses of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John are harmonized into chronological order, grouped into over 360 sequences/incidents/teachings. King James Version, Cambridge (italics and red letters of Christ). Also, view as a webpage or download mobile version.  Or, summarized on a spreadsheet in .pdf and .xls formats.  

The Book of Revelation
As a study aid, everybody's favorite Biblical book is presented in over 90 bite-sized pieces. King James Version, Cambridge (italics, Christ's words in red letters). Also, view as a webpage.

A Five-Minute Complete Guide to King James Grammar
KJV grammar is amazingly simple to learn. In less than five minutes, you can "unlock the code" and understand why archaic pronouns are actually superior to the ambiguous forms of Modern English.

Which Bible?
A very simple way to choose a Bible in English,  

Trillion Dollar Fact Sheet
In today's world, what set of Biblical articles would be complete without an article on money? Everyone and his second cousin claim to have personally seen $1,000,000,000,000 in US $100 bills in various places in the Philippines.  This short article illustrates what a trillion dollars would look like.

The "Book of Enoch" Examined
Why is this book gaining so much attention?  Does it square with Scripture?

Bible Chronology and Textual Criticism Resources
Further articles and illustrations concerning chronology and textual criticism.